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Principal’s Corner                                     December  2014



Love & Logic Christmas Wish


 Love and Logic is a philosophy and set of techniques designed to put parents back in control of their homes in a loving, kind way.  Each idea and technique associated with this philosophy is devoted to helping parents raise responsible kids who are prepared to become happy, successful adults. 


Wise Words

The more we entertain kids, the more they will start to believe they need to be entertained.


As we head into the season of giving many parents will be faced with choices about what kind of toys or other materials to buy their child.  The following are some thoughts from our friends at Love & Logic about material things that foster creativity and those that discourage creativity and foster boredom.


It’s clear from research that kids’ brains do develop better when they are exposed to a wide array of stimulating experiences.  Unfortunately our society has confused healthy stimulation with entertainment.


Examples of Toys / Materials That Foster Creativity

  1.  Legos
  2. Clay, Play-Doh or a sandbox
  3. Dolls or toy animals (without batteries)
  4.  Art supplies: crayons, paints, markers, paper etc…
  5. Toy cars or trucks that you have to push
  6. A big cardboard box!


Using the toys / materials listed above requires active thought and creativity.  Entertainment, in contrast, is passive in nature which is perfectly fine in small doses.  Listed below are examples of toys / materials / activities that should be limited by parents.  In small doses they are healthy and fun.  When they become a way of life, they can be harmful.


  1.  Video Games (there are some exceptions)
  2. Television (even watching educational shows does not require ACTIVE thought, creativity and participation)
  3. Toys that talk too much and have too many flashing lights




(Many passages in this newsletter came directly out of Love and Logic Magic When Kids Leave You Speechless by Jim and Charles Fay)


Dear Meramec Heights parents,

Even though the school year just began, the holiday season will soon be upon us. Each year our school is contacted by organizations wishing to adopt families in need for the holiday season.  We want to provide these organizations with the names of children and their families (within our school attendance area) who truly will not be able to celebrate the holiday this year without some assistance.  We also try to focus on those not receiving assistance from any other agency. If you are in need, click here for more information.

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