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Love & Logic Part I  


My lovely wife, also an elementary school counselor, introduced me to a philosophy called Love and Logic a few years back.  I’ve since used many L&L strategies as both a principal and father with excellent results.  As an educator I’ve encountered many parenting / discipline philosophies; some worth while and some worthless.  I have to admit when I read the title of the first article Joy handed me “LOVE & LOGIC” I was a bit skeptical; it sounded a bit “fluffy” for me.  I read the article anyway because that’s what husbands have to do sometimes and was pleasantly surprised by the simplicity and common sense to the L&L approach in dealing with children.  The following are some excerpts from a Love and Logic book that introduce the basics of the philosophy:


Love and Logic is a philosophy and set of techniques designed to put parents back in control of their homes in a loving, kind way.  Each idea and technique associated with this philosophy is devoted to helping parents raise responsible kids who are prepared to become happy, successful adults. 


Love and Logic is based on four principles:

  1. Help kids feel good about themselves
  2. Help them learn to solve problems and think for themselves
  3. Leave them with a healthy sense of control
  4. Teach them to be responsible for the consequences of their actions


Looking at principle number one the Love & Logic researchers found parents with children who had the highest self-concepts were the ones who:

  1. Set limits in firm yet loving ways
  2. expect their children to do a fair number of chores around the house
  3. Allow their kids to struggle with the consequences of poor choices – instead of rescuing them
  4. Let their children see that they can solve their own problems and make wiser decisions as a result
  5. Show them that manipulation and arguing are very ineffective ways of getting what they want out of life



Next corner we’ll see some examples of this philosophy at work.


(Many passages in this newsletter came directly out of Love and Logic Magic When Kids Leave You Speechless by Jim and Charles Fay)

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